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  • Selecting lithium battery

    For the customized lithium battery packs, once the dimensions and other configurations are confirmed, our engineer will sorting out the most appropriate battery cells for them, ensure every aspects will matching customer's needs.

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  • Lithium Battery Production

    Matching Lithium Battery

    After determining the battery cell we use, we'll take enough quantity of the cells from our warehouse and load them on the capacity sorting machine to detect each cell's voltage, internal resistance, capacity, then match the cells that have similar consistency together.

  • Lithium Battery Pack Assembly

    When the battery cells are ready, we shall connect in the arrangement designed by the engineer, then laser welding the busbars on the terminals. BMS and other accessories are carefully placed and connected in the way they are designed and finally sealed in the metal battery box.

    Lithium ion Battery Production
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    Aging Test

    After the lithium battery pack is assembled, we will connect it to the aging machine for 48-72 hours of Aging test, on the one hand to ensure that the lithium battery pack can run perfectly, on the other hand to speed up and stabilize the performance of all aspects of the lithium battery pack.

  • Packaging & Shipping

    The lithium batteries and related accessories will be packed in a sturdy wooden box, we'll also include a traditinoal Chinese gift with best wishes of our customers healthy and wealthy. The goods will handed to our freight forwrder and ship as agreed method.

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AIMENO is a professional lithium battery manufacturer including R&D and OEM service for more than 7 years. It is also rated the best among global lithium ion battery manufacturers, and is committed to providing first-class solutions and services for global new energy applications.




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