48V Lithium ion Battery 100AH

The 48V 100AH Deep Cycle Lithium Ion Battery offers state of the art technology "Lithium Iron Phosphate" the safest and most robust lithium chemistry. Capable of reaching over 5000 cycles, The can be re-charged thousands of times providing 100% DOD (depth of discharge) The Smart Battery 100 is perfect for solar, Telecom, Wind, Marine RV and deep cycle applications.

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The following specifications are for reference only, we are the source manufacturer.

48V Lithium ion Battery 100AH Specification:

Model BD-U-48100
Nominal Voltage 48V/51.2V
Nominal capacity 100Ah
Dimensions (L*W*H) 448*483*178mm
Weight 53KG
Charging method CC/CP
Charging current 0.2C standard/0.5C maximum continuous charging
Charge cut-off voltage 54.6V
Discharge method CC/CP
Discharge current 0.5C standard / 1C maximum continuous discharge
Discharge cut-off voltage 42V
Display LCD
Communication interface 485/232/CAN
Working temperature: charging0-55℃, discharging: -20-60℃
Storage temperature 0-45℃ (best environment)
Storage humidity 5 % - 95 %
Shipping statusVoltage: 50-52V SOC: 60%-80%

Maximum number of parallel connections


48V Lithium ion Battery 100AH introduction

The 48V 100AH Rack Mounted Battery is designed base on the server cabinet. It’s standard 4U size is perfectly fit the server cabinet compartment. The batteries are able to connect up to 20 units based on the customers’ needs, gives customer full flexibility to expand their energy storage system.The 48V 100AH rack battery pack obtain 6000 times life cycle which is benefited by the Brand-New Grade A LiFePO4 battery cells & Mature Assembly Technology. The battery pack is with touchable screen and allows customer to monitor & change the battery parameters in an ultra-convenient way.

48V 100Ah LiFePO4 battery support one-touch ON/OFF switch for easy operation, it can be turned on or off with one touch. This button also acts as a circuit breaker, it will automatically shut down to protect the 48V battery when the load current is too high. The lithium battery has two positive terminals and two negative terminals, which help to equalize the current, reduce heat and avoid overheating caused by the accumulation of all on one terminal.48V 100Ah lithium battery has a massive 4.8kWh power supply, which is almost equivalent to the energy of FOUR 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 batteries. Compared to 4*12V 100Ah batteries, 1*48V 100Ah LiFePO4 battery has better consistency of cells, but also omits the complex connection cables and saves more space. 48V 100Ah li-iron battery supports up to 4P to build a 48V 400Ah battery system, 19.2kWh usable energy. This allows it to be used in a wide scenarios.

lithium battery built-in automotive grade prismatic cells with higher energy density in our battery pack. The 48V 100Ah battery supports 4000 to 15000 cycles(4000 cycles @ 100%DOD, 6000 cycles @ 80%DOD, 15000 cycles @ 60%DOD), which is 20-30 times than lead acid battery’s 200-500 cycles. battery supports a 10-year lifespan, which is 3 times lead acid’s 3-year lifetime. LiFePO4 battery can perfectly replace the traditional lead acid battery.48V 100Ah lithium battery has a solid sheet metal shell, which makes it to be more exquisite & robust with less prone to deformation. It has a better shockproof and heat dissipation function. In addition, the sheet metal enclosure battery has higher flame retardant performance and saves 1/4 of space compared to 4*12V 100Ah batteries. rackmount battery passes UL/FCC/CE/ROHES/UN38.3/MSDS tests.

48V 100Ah lithium iron phosphate battery has 50.47Wh/lbs energy density, which is 3 times higher than the same model lead acid battery’s 16.55Wh/lbs. LiFePO4 batteries also have better stability and lighter weight. Not only that, our batteries have built-in BMS (Battery Management System) to protect them from overcharge, over-discharge, over-current, high temperature, and short circuits with ultra-low self-discharge rates.48V 100Ah lithium iron phosphate battery is designed for home energy storage, not for starting. We do not recommend batteries to run any golf cart or as any starting battery. It is perfect for the Off-Grid system, home energy storage, Boat, Backup Power, Marine, Camping, Yacht, RV, and so on. If you are not sure whether it will meet your battery applications, pls feel free to contact us.

48V Lithium ion Battery 100AH FEATURES:

  • Fully automatic built in battery protection system

  • Tier One, A+ Cell Composition

  • 99% Efficiency LiFePo4 16-Cell Pack

  • Max Energy Density

  • Flexible Racking Options

  • Environmentally Friendly & Lead-Free

  • Stress-Free Battery Bank Expansion Capacity

  • Longer Lasting; 10-20 year Design Life

  • Reliable Built-In BMS, Voltage, Current, Temp. and Health Management

  • Use 100% of rated capacity 

  • Does not heat up during use

  • Long life 3000 - 6000 cycles

48V Lithium ion Battery 100AH Advantage:

  1. Brand new Grade A lithium battery, more than 5000 times deep cycle, up to 90% DOD.

  2. Compact with essential installation cables & accessories.

  3. Built-in smart BMS, can perfectly match all solar inverters and solar projects.

  4. Wide Application for Solar Projects, UPS, 5G Station, Military Projects, Solar hybrid power system, home energy storage system.

  5. We accept OEM with your logo design.


Lithium Iron Phosphate can be used in most applications that use Lead Acid, GEL or AGM type batteries.Suitable applications include:

  • Solar Storage

  • Switching applications and more

  • Base transceiver station

  • Communication equipments

  • Central office

  • Telecommunication systems

  • Electronic cash registers

  • Microprocessor based office machine

  • UPS

Packing and shipping

Packing and shipping

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a 48V 100Ah lithium ion battery last?

You can imagine that one of the most frequent questions regarding the 100 amp hours batteries is this one: “How long will a 100Ah battery last?” A 100Ah battery can last anywhere from 120 hours (running a 10W appliance) to 36 minutes (running a 2,000W appliance).

How many KW is a 48V 100Ah battery?

Ark Lithium 48V 100Ah (5.1kW)

How many solar panels do I need to charge a 48V 100Ah battery?

You will thus need a minimum of three 250 watt panels to charge your 48v battery.

How long does it take to charge a 48V 100Ah lithium battery?

48V is 8A charging. From empty, you'll need at least 13 hours charging. You are charging at a 0.08C rate, which is very low for lithium and has a very docile voltage response until the very end.

How long will a 100Ah battery run a TV?

Based on my test, I'd say that, on average, a TV will run for around 15-20 hours straight on a 12V 100Ah lithium battery. And if you're using a 12V 100Ah lead acid battery, I'd expect it to last for 7-10 hours of uninterrupted watch time, because lead acid batteries can only be discharged to 50%.

How much does a 48V lithium ion battery 200Ah weigh?

Dimensions (L x W x H): 34.1" x 14.1" x 15.5" Weight (Battery Only): 302 lbs. / 137 kg.

What is the delivery time?

10 containers are 1 month. If you order more than 10 containers, we need to confirm the raw material availability and arrange the production as soon as we can. (In stock is 7 days; out of stock is 25-35 days; newly developed products is 45-65 days)

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