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A solar battery is a type of battery that is charged using solar energy. Solar batteries are commonly used in off-grid solar power systems, where the battery serves as a storage device for the electricity generated by the solar panels.Solar batteries are important because they provide a way to store solar energy for later use, which is especially important in areas where the electrical grid is unreliable or non-existent. In addition, solar batteries can help reduce reliance on fossil fuels by providing a clean and renewable source of energy.Aimeno is a solar battery manufacturers, we have our own R&D team and factory.

Solar Battery Storage

Keep the lights on in a power outage with solar battery storage. Aimeno offers several solar and storage options, from powering a few appliances to whole house backup. Consider pairing your solar and battery with a smart hybrid inverter panel to control your energy loads. We’re here to help you make the most of your solar system! Contact us today for a free solar battery storage solution quote.

Working principle of Lithium ion solar battery storage

By installing the solar+battery solution in your home, the excess energy from the sun will charge your battery for use at night. In the morning, when the sun starts to shine, your solar system energy will first power the electrical equipment at home. When the sun rises in the afternoon, your home will consume less energy than the energy generated by your solar photovoltaic system. When the output of solar energy decreases, these excess energy is stored in solar battery for future or night use.

Benefits of solar battery storage

Solar battery storage systems offer numerous advantages to residential areas:

  • Save money: A battery allows you to self-consume more of your energy instead of pulling from the utility grid’s energy supply. Every kilowatt you save in the battery and use for your home is one less the utility company will charge you at the full retail price. Net-metered homes receive credit for their excess energy, but at a lower rate than what the utility normally charges for grid-energy consumption.
  • Outage relief: During extended utility outages and the growing trend of climate disasters, solar battery storage offers peace of mind and assurance to charge and power protected loads. Solar batteries provide a renewable energy substitute rather than a fossil fuel-powered generator.
  • Greater self-sufficiency: You no longer have to rely upon the inconsistent grid to power your home. A 10kW battery should provide several hours of backup power, depending on your energy usage. That’s several hours of self-sufficient electricity.

Additionally, consider adding a smart hybrid inverter Panel to improve the flexibility of your solar battery storage during an outage.

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Solar energy uses clean energy to offset a large part of power grid consumption of our customers


Solar battery has reduced the power cost of some of our customers by more than 90%


The matching ratio of solar energy and energy storage is expected to increase from 5% in 2019 to more than 25% in 2025

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Why do we need solar battery to store energy?

We as lithium ion solar battery manufacturers know that most people need it

Always on

Keep the lights on during a power outage or emergency with stored energy.

Stay in control

Increase your energy security and independence by taking charge of your entire energy system.

Save money

Create your own energy and reduce your energy bill.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Using stored solar energy instead of the grid keeps your carbon footprint small on cloudy days.

Working principles of solar photovoltaic and battery storage

Solar panels

Solar panele ar composed of photovoltaic (PV)cells that convert sunlight into Direct Current (DC)electricity.


Inverters convert Direct Curtent(DC)electricity into Alternating Current (AC)electricity - the type of electincity your organization uses.

Battery storage

Electricity is stoted for later use on-site to avaid consuming energy form the grid at the most costly times batteries can also be dispatched in Demand Response mankets to eam reverve for suppating grd stadibyt.

Electrical panel

The electrical panel recelves the AC electricity to used to power your orgarization.

Utility meter

The meter measures your enevgy use whlle spinning in reverse when your solar solution generates more power than ennded.

Utility grid

Excess energy can be retumed to the grid which compensates you for this excess power.

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