24V 400AH Solar Lithium Battery

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Rated capacity400Ah0.2C rate discharge capacity
Minimum capacity400Ah
Internal impedance≤0.5mΩ
Nominal voltage3.2V
Standard dischargeConstant current200A
conditionsEnd-of-discharge voltage2.5V
Standard charge methodConstant current100A
Charge voltage3.55V
Fast charge methodConstant current400A
Charge voltage3.55V
Max continuous discharge current800A
Cycle life3000 cycles80% DOD
Operating temperatureCharging ambient0~65°C
Discharging ambient-20~65°C
Storage temperature-20~65°C
AppearanceWithout break,
distortion, contamination,

Deep Cycle 24V 400AH Solar Lifepo4 Battery

This 24v 400ah Solar lithium battery adopt the latest lithium iron phosphate technology and builted in BMS with overall protection. Lighter in weight but heavier on power.

The LiFePO4 technology has better thermal and chemical stability, which improves battery safety and packed with power in a small and lightweight footprint. Easily uses the same space as your existing 24V Solar battery bank and replaces lead acid, AGM or Gel battery applications in RVs, boats, commercial vehicles, off grid back up power and much more. Not intended to replace starting batteries.

Special Features

  • Passive cooling

  • Automatic passive cell balancing

  • IP50 total dust protection for the harsh industrial environment

  • >2,000 Cycles at 80% depth of discharge

  • Auto heating mechanism at low temperature (optional)

  • Automatic energy saving mode

  • Automatic protection against overcharge or over-discharge

  • Automatic shut-off at unsafe temperatures

  • Data logging for cell monitoring (performance, state of health)

  • Warning indicators (LED and buzzer) at low energy state


  • Relatively lightweight yet powerful

  • Exceptional performance for your ultimate peace of mind

  • Emission-free; help reduce carbon footprint

  • Extremely safe and user-friendly

Compatible with 20+ Inverter Brands