48V Lithium ion Battery 200AH

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The following specifications are for reference only, we are the source manufacturer.

48V Lithium ion Battery 200AH Specifications:

Model BD-U-48200
Nominal Voltage 51.2/48V
Nominal capacity 200Ah
Dimensions (L*W*H) 529 x 483 x 222 mm.
Weight 80KG
Charging method CC/CP
Charging current 0.2C standard/0.5C maximum continuous charging
Charge cut-off voltage 54,6 V
Discharge method CC/CP
Discharge current 0.5C standard/0.75C maximum continuous discharge
Discharge cut-off voltage 42V
Display LCD
Communication interface 485/232/CAN
Working temperature: charging0-55℃, discharging: -20-60℃
Storage temperature0-45℃ (best environment)
Storage humidity 5%-95%
Shipping statusVoltage: 50-52V SOC: 60%-80%
Maximum number of parallel connections16

The 48V 200AH Lithium Battery 10kWh is designed for solving the problem of interruption of power supply, which as a back up energy storage system that associated with solar panels and inverter to power the house/boat/mobile trailer/bus or any situation that needs off-grid power supply.

The 48V 200AH 10kWh rack battery pack is made by brand new grade A high quality LiFePO4 battery cells and obtain 6000 times long life cycle which is benefited by our mature assembly technology. It will operate steadily over 15 years, greatly deduct the maintenance cost.

Key Features of Lithium Battery:

  1. Longest Cycle Life and Highest Reliability

  2. High Energy Density

  3. Low Self Discharge

  4. Charging and Discharging in Shorter Time

Compared with lead-acid batteries, lithium battery energy storage solutions are now more and more accepted by most households.

Advantages of lithium batteries:

  1. Higher security.

  2. Charging is faster.

  3. Longer life, our lithium battery can last up to 20 years.

  4. Constant discharge, no loss to electrical appliances.

  5. Lighter weight, easier to install and use.

  6. Maintenance-free, no need for real-time supervision.

  7. More environmentally friendly, less pollution to the environment.


Household back up power, Solar/wind energy storage system, UPS, backup power, Telecommunication, Medical equipment, Lighting, etc.

Compatible with 20+ Inverter Brands