51.2/48V 200AH Wall Mounted lithium battery Pack

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The following specifications are for reference only, we are the source manufacturer.

Model BD-B-48200
Nominal Voltage 51.2/48V
Nominal capacity 200Ah
Dimensions (L*W*H) 603*429*238mm
Weight 84KG
Charging method CC/CP
Charging current 0.2C standard/0.5C maximum continuous charging
Charge cut-off voltage 54.6V
Discharge method CC/CP
Discharge current 0.5C standard/0.75C maximum continuous discharge
Discharge cut-off voltage 42V
Display LCD
Communication interface 485/232/CAN
Working temperaturecharging: 0-55℃, discharging: -20-60℃
Storage temperature0-45℃ (best environment)
Storage humidity 5%-95%
Shipping statusVoltage: 50-52V SOC: 60%-80%
Maximum number of parallel connections16

48V 200Ah Battery Type LiFePO4 Voltage 48V/51.2V Operating Voltage 51.2 Vdc Max. charging voltage 56 Vdc Cut-off Discharge Voltage 46 Vdc Max. charging and discharging current 150A(7680W)

Net Weight 216 lbs Dimension (W*D*H) 735 x525x190(220)mm Ingress Protection IP21 Cooling Natural Cooling

  • Smart and Safety: Starting from great safety materials, system safety, and whole life cycle safety, the Contemporary Amperex Technology battery pursues every possibility to improve product safety. Mobile app based monitoring. Life time(25°C) 20 Years Life cycles(80% DOD, 25°C) 8500 Cycles

  • Reliable: The sytem has may unique features such as the high reliability, long service life and high energy efficiency of CATL's battery systems, "renewable energy + energy storage" has more advantages in cost per kWh in the whole life cycle.

48V 200AH wall mounted lithium battery pack LiFePO4 batteries for energy storage (Wall Mounted battery) can be equipped with WiFi Data Transmission Units(DTU), which provides remote control of LiFePO4 battery and help monitor the status of LiFePO4 battery. The WiFi Function within the Lithium-ion battery can provides real-time data of battery to cloud data. Whenever you use the battery APP on your cellphone, you are able to monitor your Lithium-ion battery easily. Also, the WiFi function offers convenience to you for monitoring the performance of Lithium-ion battery, including battery temperature, voltage and more.


  • Cell voltage monitoring

  • Charge/discharge current monitoring

  • Hardware protection

  • Discharge control

  • Charge control Balance

  • Temperature Monitoring

  • Work Status Indication LCD &LED lamp)

  • PACK Voltage Monitoring

  • Failure alarm

  • Multiple batteries can be connected in parallel <<20sets

Advantage of Aimeno LiFePO4 Battery

  • Save more space with high energy density

  • No need for refrigeration equipment

  • High operation reliability

  • Long service life

Compatible with 20+ Inverter Brands