48V 500Ah Lithium ion Battery Pack

The 48V 500AH Lithium Ion Battery features the latest and most advanced Lithium Iron Phosphate - LiFePO4 Battery Technology.

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The following specifications are for reference only, we are the source manufacturer.

Product Specifications:

Model BD48100-5P+1
Nominal Voltage 51.2/48V
Nominal capacity 500Ah
Dimensions (H*L*W) 1370*680*608mm
weight /
Charging method CC/CP
Charging current MAX150A
Charge cut-off voltage 54,6 V
Discharge method CC/CP
Discharge current MAX200A
Discharge cut-off voltage 42V
Display LCD
Communication interface 485/232/CAN
Working temperaturecharging: 0-55℃, discharging: -20-60℃
Storage temperature 0-45℃ (best environment)
Storage humidity 5%-95%
Shipping statusVoltage: 50-52V SOC: 60%-80%
Number of parallel connections5
Combiner Box1

The fully automatic Built In Battery Management System provides cell balancing, over charge or over discharge protection, short circuit and reverse polarity protection all making the Aimeno Battery, one of the world's safest and most advanced lithium batteries.

Our 48V 500AH Lithium Ion Battery is a 48V 500ah lithium deep cycle battery. This lithium iron phosphate battery is ready to replace your lead-acid battery bank in your solar energy system or electric vehicle.It's powerful, rugged, and has an extremely long cycle life. The 48 Volt 500 Amp-Hour battery can store more energy and charge faster than lead-acid battery alternatives. Dig deeper into the technology inside our 48V product family. Our 48V 500AH lithium-ion batteries can be used in off-grid solar electric systems, and for grid-tie or emergency backup power systems with or without solar.

The 48V 500AH Lithium ion battery is used to recharge and charge electronic devices. This innovation is becoming more popular in a variety of products, from mobile phones and computers to electric vehicles, due to its light weight, high-power density, and ability to recharge. The 48V Lithium Ion Battery can be used to power electrical gadgets.

48V 500Ah Lithium ion Battery Pack Advantages:

1. Maintenance free. Modular design for easy installation and capacity expansion.

2. Long cycle life (more than 5000 cycles at 80% DOD).

3. Bulit-in smart BMS with multiple protection and communication functions.

4. Wide working temperature range and high reliability.

5. Multiple battery units can be connected in parallel,suitable for high energy storage applications.

6. Compatible with various charge controllers and inverters.

7. Widely used for off-grid solar system storage, telecom back-up, caravan...etc.


Built-In Over-Charging Protection

Prevents overcharging of lithium-ion batteries and extends battery life.

Built-In Over-Discharging Protection

Prevents the battery from being over-discharged, extending its lifespan.

Short Circuit Protection

Keep your devices safe from short circuits. Protect your batteries and electronics from damage.

Penetration Protection

Prevents Lithium-ion battery fires and explosions using our LiFePo4 chemistry.

Thermal Shock Protection

Prevents battery failure from thermal shocks. Keep your device safe from thermal shock.

No Battery Fires

LiFePO4 batteries will not catch fire. They are much safer than other types of batteries.

No Battery Explosions

LiFePO4 batteries will not explode. They are perfect for use in safety-sensitive applications.


Lithium Iron Phosphate can be used in most applications that use Lead Acid, GEL or AGM type batteries.Suitable applications include:

•Solar Storage

•Switching applications and more

•Base transceiver station

•Communication equipments

•Central office

•Telecommunication systems

•Electronic cash registers

•Microprocessor based office machine



Voltage Management

Voltage management regulates the voltage level of the battery, preventing overcharging and excessive discharge, which can both shorten battery life.

State of Charge Monitoring

This feature measures the amount of energy left in the battery and helps prevent overcharging or deep discharge.

Fault Detection / Isolation

Fault detection and isolation help the system to detect any issues with the battery and isolate the faulty cell to prevent further damage.

Cell Balancing

Balancing ensures the cells in a battery are at the same charge level and helps to extend the life of the battery.


  • Do NOT short circuit, reverse polarity, crush or disassemble.

  • Do NOT heat or incinerate.

  • Do NOT immerse in any liquid.

  • Store at 30~50% SOC. Recharging every 3 months is recommended. The storage area should be clean, cool, dry and ventilated.

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Compatible with 20+ Inverter Brands